Testers Certification

Wet Lab Instruction

The course consists of 32 hours of classroom and lab time. Manuals and books will be provided.

Monday is spent studying backflow history and all the causes of backflow with applicable laws and ordinances.

Tuesday is spent learning nationally recognized test procedures and applying them in “real world” situations.

Wednesday is spent trouble shooting the valves that have simulated failures and memorizing these procedures.

Thursday is spent practicing for the written test and the hands on test for the test on Friday.

Friday the national / Utah State test is a multiple choice test with 100 questions. If the student passes with at least 70%, they will go into the wet lab and demonstrate their skills at identifying backflow valves that have been set up with failures. Proctors will witness and evaluate the proper skills to test backflow preventers.

Upon successful completion of the written and practical tests, a certificate from the State of Utah and a nationally recognized testing organization will be issued which is good for three years, at which time the student will have to re-certify to keep a current certification.