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Meet Your Instructors

Meet the team with collectively more than 50+ years of experience!


We have 4 professional instructors to guide you through the certification process.

Greg HandSteve StarrTyler Clark

Greg Hand

Greg Hand started Backflow Training Services 20 years ago.  He is a licensed Master Plumber and has served on the State of Utah Plumbing Code Advisory Board. He holds an AAS Degree from Salt Lake Community College, Professional Educators License for the State of Utah, Class III Backflow Certification, Previous Utah Chapter President of the American Backflow Prevention Association 1996-1998, and the Utah Chapter Meritorious Service Award in 2002.

He taught in the Apprenticeship Plumbing Program at Salt Lake Community College for 30 years, at nights, along with being a full-time plumber with over 40 years of experience in the plumbing field. He has plumbed everything from houses to large commercial and industrial jobs. He retired from Salt Lake Community College as a plumber/pipefitter/welder.

Greg has taught backflow certification classes since 1985, including courses at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, Eielson Air Force Base, Fairbanks, Alaska, Wyoming Rural Water, Glenrock Wyoming, Dugway Proving Ground, Utah, Utah National Guard, various state, government, and engineering entities. Students have come from as far away as Texas, Alaska, Hawaii, New Mexico, Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming, New Jersey, even England and Korea to take his classes.

Tyler Clark

Tyler holds a master plumber license with the state of Utah and is a lead plumber at Salt Lake Community College. At night, Tyler is an instructor for apprenticeship plumbing, also at Salt Lake Community College.

Tyler holds a class II backflow certification and instruct new and recertifying testers. He helps them learn the faults and test procedures to pass their practical exam with Backflow Training Services. Tyler enjoys teaching, probably more than plumbing!

Steve Starr

Steve Starr is a distinguished figure in the backflow industry, boasting an impressive 20-year tenure marked by unwavering dedication and expertise. His journey in this specialized field began over two decades ago, and his contributions have since become synonymous with excellence.

With an extensive background in backflow prevention, Steve is a true authority in this critical aspect of water management. Steve is a state of Utah unrestricted grade IV water operator, he has his Backflow Administrator, Backflow Tester, and ABPA Backflow Proctor certifications.  Steve has a deep understanding of backflow prevention systems, making him a go-to expert for ensuring the safety and purity of potable water supplies.

Steve has also been employed for the past 23 years at the Granger-Hunter Improvement District which serves the community of West Valley City with their water and wastewater services. His current role is Division Manager over water maintenance which includes maintenance of all the fire hydrants, water valves, and all the State of Utah rules and regulations related to drinking water, he also manages the department over cross-connection.

Throughout his illustrious career, Steve has held various roles, each marked by his unwavering commitment to water safety. His leadership qualities and technical proficiency have made him an indispensable asset in the backflow industry. He has excelled in positions of responsibility, overseeing the implementation of backflow prevention measures, and helping to develop best practices in the field.

Steve’s dedication extends beyond his professional responsibilities; he is also a passionate advocate for water conservation and sustainability. His extensive experience has equipped him with the knowledge and insight needed to drive positive change in water resource management.

With 20 years of unwavering dedication to the backflow industry, Steve stands as a shining example of expertise, leadership, and commitment. His legacy continues to leave an indelible mark on the field, ensuring the safety and quality of water supplies for countless communities.